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Sex-Trade Worker Demand Retraction

Sex-trade workers all across Canada are unhappy with a couple of Conservative MPs for associating Belinda Stronach with their profession. Earlier this week a couple of MPs referred to Stronach as a 'whore' and a 'prostitute', for selling out to the Liberals for a cabinet post.

Long time Pimp, Big Earl had this to say,
"Those MPs have no right calling that Ho, a Ho. My girls were a little off all day thinking about it. When my girls have their minds somewhere else, it hurts their earnings, which in turn hurts me. The little guy always gets hurt."
Enraged sex-trade workers have filed a protest though their union and would like a retraction of the offending statements. They found it very demeaning to have themselves compared to person of such poor character. They also stated that a better understanding of their industry would help avoid such damaging comparisons in the future.

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