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Random Thoughts

- Newsweek should be ashamed of themselves, 17 dead, dozens more injured and the already tarnished reputation of the United States has been dragged through the mud by more irresponsible reporting, disgraceful.

- How about Canadian politics, the NDP will bankrupt the country if given power, the Conservatives are promising to honour all Liberal deals made before an election, and how about the corrupt and morally bankrupt Liberal party, what a complete clusterf*@k!

- Russia and France were paid by Saddam to try and end the sanctions that were put in place against Iraq, nothing like getting stabbed in the back by your supposed allies, how does it feel America?

- Iran is starting up its nuclear program again, and North Korea is thinking about testing a nuclear weapon, you would think that the countries of the world could a least agree on stopping these two basket cases from continuing down their current paths.

- The government of Uzbekistan cracks down on the rights of its citizens, and when the oppressed population finally has had enough and rises up in protest against their government, what does it do? It guns down hundreds of them while the world does nothing, pathetic.

- The Queen is visiting Canada, let's save her the trouble and get rid of the Monarchy.

- 54% of Quebecers think its a good idea to separate from Canada, with what has been going on, who'd blame em.

- Is it just me or is it harder and harder to find good music, or am I just becoming my parents?

- Anyone who takes religion serious enough to hate someone else because of it, whether they be Christian, Muslim or Jewish needs to chill the f*@k out and think about how hypocritical they are being.

- Judges should be elected, not appointed. We need accountability on the bench.

- Message to all governments, both federal and provincial, stop wasting my f*@king money and give me a tax break.

Any Questions?

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I thought f*@ing was your email address. My Norton anti-virus went berserk.