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Purse Strings are Wide Open

Just in case you were wondering who Paul Martin was going to try and buy next to keep his Liberal party in power. Looks like Ontario is the winner today. Full story here
"After almost nine hours of talking with Prime Minister Paul Martin, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty emerged with a $5.75-billion promise of additional federal support over the next five years."
That a boy Paulie, spread it around. There is nothing quite like getting bought with your own money, how does it feel Ontario?


Andrew said...

How does it feel?

Well for me, I'm pissed. For leftie/Liveral Ontarians? I doubt they even notice the idiocy of the Martin government.

Anonymous said...

I love that you are pissed.

Remember the end of the Mulroney years? How many seats did PC get again?

Don't underestimate the fear of Harper.

I'd rather have my money spent by the government on things that benefit canadians, than let you greedy bastards suck the country dry and send it to your offshore cayman islands bank accounts.

Seriously, bought with our own money? The word is bribed, and really I trust the gov't to spend it, while I don't trust any of you conservative bastards to be selfless enough to do something altruistic.

Anonymous said...

Can you expect us to believe that the conservatives are immune to corruption?

Liberals won't punish someone until the facts are in - hell there's Bloc people implicated, as well as figures that will leach onto any party - organized crime knows where the money is idiots..

Canadian voters are smart enough to see through Harpers power play.. give us an issue to vote on dummy, not corruption, we all know that is non-partisan

Dana said...

Yeah you're probably right. My offshore back account is getting pretty fat at the moment.


Dana said...

What are you talking about? Immune to corruption?

And the fact that members of the Liberal Party seem to have connections to an aweful lot of organized crime doesn't seem to bother you?

And the little quote about being non-partisan is quite amusing considering that your entire defence of the Liberal Party is a partisan one.