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Outdated Treaty to be Changed

Its nice to know that people in high places read canandiancomment and take what Dana and I have to say very seriously. Just a couple weeks ago, I had this to say about the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.
"Add to those factors that the NPT is a joke and should be replaced with a better treaty, one with some bit and tougher guidelines. The NPT allows a country to acquire every step in the process of uranium enrichment and the extraction of plutonium legally. The only thing that the NPT prevents is a country from actually taking fissile material and placing it into a delivery mechanism."
And in what surly can't be a coincidence. Today at the U.N., 189 nations from all over the globe are meeting to begin reviewing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty amid fears that it is outdated and irrelevant. Full story here

Chances are, yes I do live in reality, that not one of the negotiators or leaders from any of the 189 nations taking part in reworking the NPT have read my blog entry, but it is nice to see something being done to address the issue of nuclear proliferation. This treaty has been useless since it was signed in 1970 and its about time they are getting around to changing it. Better late than never.

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