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Ontario and the Liberal Party

Here are 10 things that the Liberal party could do that might finally turn voters in Ontario away from the Liberal party, but I doubt it.

1. Declare that May 19th from this day forward will be celebrated as "Make Fun of the Mentally Challenged day".

2. Introduce the "Lifestyle Tax", it would be a 5% tax on all consumer goods aimed at increasing the living standards of Liberal MPs and their friends.

3. Demonstrate a complete lack of leadership at the top levels of government and harm Canada's global reputation.

3. Change the rules so George W. Bush can become leader of the Liberal party after he finishes up his second term as President.

4. Sacrifice puppies in a bizarre daily ritual inside the House of Commons to fend off evil spirits.

5. Be involved in a massive corruption scandal.

5. Make it easier for Quebec to separate by offering to eat the provinces debt and to continue transfer payments after Quebec separates.

6. Introduce "American Style" healthcare.

7. Harm Canadian unity by alienating large portions of Western Canada and Quebec.

7. Hurt the elderly by suspending social security payments.

8. Buy an aircraft carrier.

9. Waste massive amounts of your tax dollars on things such as the gun registry.

9. Legalize not only pot, but crystal meth and cocaine in order to secure the youth vote.

10. Ban all forms of hockey nation wide.

What would it take for the people of Ontario to not vote for the federal Liberals? Will Ontario ever turn against the Liberal party? I'm sorry to say, it doesn't seem like it is going to happen any time in the near future.


Anonymous said...

You can cross off number 6 - if PM the PM's doctor is any indication.

Maybe just change it to

6) "Admit to introducing American style health care."

Bob said...

Thanks, I stand corrected.

Tommy Steele said...

What it would take for Ontario to drop the Liberals would be a legitimate option at the polls. Obviously, Conservatives haven't got it together. I vote for a party based on a good reason, rather than vote for spite. This is still a long way off from saying I'm voting Liberal, though.

Raging Ranter said...

How about naming Belinda Stronach as Human Resources Minister. Oh, wait a minute, they just did that.

Felix Taylor, Jr. said...

Oh the dipstick--an attractive dipstick--but still a dipstick! LOL!!!