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Libranos Poster offends Volpe

It seems that Immigration Minister Joe Volpe has no sense of humour at all and needs to give his head a shake. Apparently Mr. Volpe took offence to the Western Standard's Libranos poster, because he figured that it was making fun of Italians. Volpe even went as far as to compare the Conservative party to the Ku Klux Klan over the image depicted on the poster. Full story here

In my opinion, Volpe is blowing this whole situation out of wack, maybe I shouldn't use the term wack, it might offend Mr. Volpe. How about, out of proportion, is that better? Anyway, here Ezra Levant of the Western Standard explains,
"Volpe knows that we didn't call the Liberals the Libranos because they're Italian -- Chretien, Martin, Brison, Brault, these aren't Italian names. We called them the Libranos because their party is an organization that has engaged in a criminal conspiracy to steal money from the public purse.

Volpe knows that. He hates that. He can't rebut that. So he's trying to turn this into an Italian thing -- anything to distract from the fact that his party festers with corruption."
Sounds like a reasonable explanation to me, the poster in my opinion is in no way, shape or form racist. The poster simply refers to the Liberals as the The Libranos, a mocking reference to a television Mafia family. And for that playful reference, Joe Volpe brands people Klan members. For Mr. Volpe to call members of the Conservative party Klan members over the poster is both reckless and pathetic.

The type of behavior displayed by Joe Volpe is typical of the Liberal party in the run up to elections, they use scaremongering and gross exaggerations to paint the Conservative party and its members as extremists. This has been going on for years and people have to be made aware of these slimy Liberal tactics, Canadians deserve better than this.


Dana said...

The proper title to this post would have been "Libranos Poster Offends Pathetic Little Man".

Ralph said...

Volpe belongs on the poster, infact he should audition for a role in the Sopranos as he certainly has the look and the voice of a ''wise guy''.

table said...

"This has been going on for years and people have to be made aware of these slimy Liberal tactics, Canadians deserve better than this."

I don't think canadians deserve better than this. They have continually voted the liberals into power and they are high enough in the polls this time around to at least form a minority. canadians get the gov't they deserve (well at canada gets the gov't ontario deserves).

Ralph said...

Did you know that joe Volpe worked at the same accounting firm that Al Gagliano worked at!!!THEY SPOKE u siciliano tutto la giornata come una genga di buratini!! Mamma mia

Dave said...

Volpe is truly the worst of the worst, and lower than the scum of the earth for making these kinds of completely outrageous and offensive comments. How a complete idiot like this guy can become the immigration minister of Canada is truly frightening. How he has been an MP continuously since 1988 defies all reason and belief.

If all of this weren't enough, he is dangerously incompetent in his current post - I actually saw a live interview on CPAC where the interviewer asked him how many people on special guest visas have overstayed their permitted time in Canada, and were now unaccounted for. Volpe responded that he didn't know whether the number was 1000, 10000, or 100000, and then proceeded to challenge the interviewer by asking whether he knew the answer, to which the interviewer responded "well, your the immigration minister".

Volpe's comeback to that was that it didn't matter anyway, since "none of these people were likely security risks anyway". I am not making this up.