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Liberal Election Tactics

Former Global Television newsman Peter Kent, the newest Conservative candidate was introduced in the Toronto riding of St. Paul yesterday by leader Stephen Harper. Mr. Kent announced his candidacy and also talked about what drove him into seeking office as a Conservative, he said simply because it's time to act on outrage instead of reporting on it.

Kent said that he was 'as mad as hell' at the Paul Martin for sacrificing the country's economy for his own 'personal survival' after brokering a deal for budget protection with the NDP. He also thinks that the Liberals have hindered the city's 'attempts to build and move ahead'. He also brought up the Liberal election tactics,
"I am determined to do something about Liberals resorting to scaremongering, demonizing and lying,"
And what did Liberal incumbent Carolyn Bennett have to say to defend her party's corruption, mismanagement and election tactics? She talked about Iraq and the fact that Stephen Harper supported the American efforts to bring freedom to its oppressed people, therefor we should be concerned about Peter Kent.

You can't blame her for avoiding the issues that most Canadians are currently concerned about, she is just following the Liberal party play book, avoid the real issues and slander the Conservatives. Forget the city of Toronto, forget healthcare, forget Gomery, and forget about the economy, let's talk about Iraq. The sad part of it is, people actually fall for that crap.

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Dave said...

Fearmongering and demonization, combined with blantant lies and outrageous hypocrisy - you have aptly summed up the Liberal Campaign Playbook - the mottos of which is "we will say and/or do absolutely anything to stay in power, without exception, or regard to any standards of decency"