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Leaders Wanted

It seems to be the trend in Canada for politicians to go out of their way to make their constituents stupid. Canadian politicians would rather have the people of this country ignorant of the problems that it faces today and in the future. In today's fast paced world, Canada needs politicians who are willing and able to plan and explain a course of action for Canada to follow into the future.

We need politicians who are willing to listen and learn, arrogance has no place in government. What kind of negative effect is the current attitude of our leaders having on the country? Are we moving forward as a nation, are we preparing as a nation to complete on a global scale? Are we ready to meet the challenges that emerging economies, such as China and India, are going force upon us?

I'm afraid our leaders are asleep at the wheel, our healthcare and education systems need to be overhauled. Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control, but no one is willing to stand up and admit that anything is broken. People from China, Eastern Europe and India are going to be competing on a level playing field for our children's jobs in a global economy, but yet our schools continue fall behind in Math and Science.

What will it take for our leaders to wake up and focus on Canada's future instead of their own? Canadians need to be inspired to achieve greater things, not looked down upon as a mere vote. When is someone going to step up and lead this great country into the decades to come?


Kate said...

In the first place we need politicians not crooks. I am reeling with disgust at the corruption that has become embedded in the Liberal Party. I am furious, disgusted and unfortunately not surprised that Canadians are willing to put up with the corruption and the politicians who will support it providing the Liberals buy them off...with our money. Hey NDP and Layton...can you even spell extortion? Oh crap...when it comes to ethics we've learned to expect so little.

Anonymous said...

Looking for a "leader" to bring you to the promised land is your first mistake. Why surrender your property, your freedom and your life to politicians and bureaucrats? They're no smarter than you, and they're no more honest than you.

Trust yourself. Take care of yourself and your family. That's why China and India are on the rise - because for the first time in millenia, they're not being crushed by their governments when they try to take care of their businesses, their education, their health and their savings.

We on the other hand are being led around in shackles. Report here for daycare. Your school is over there. Stick out your tongue. The premier is running a big deficit this year - so bend over and try to relax. Send your resume to that company over there, they just got a huge contract from Public Works. Phone this number every two weeks and tell the computer that you were ready, willing and able to work. Join the union - if you know what's good for you.

But you don't have to be led like a lamb to the slaughter. The leader you're looking for ... is you.


Anonymous said...

“The leader you're looking for ... is you.”

Couldn’t agree more! The scary thing is that Canada is starting to look more and more like an Orwellian Animal Farm:
Staring “Napoleon” the corrupt pig who becomes leader of the farm –leading the Libranos and “Snowball” the leader of the animal revolt who challenges Napoleon's power.

The question is - Do we have a Snowball’s chance?
We only need 35% of the voters to overthrow Napoleon - it can be done.


Dana said...

Agreed on all accounts. I don't want a leader in a politician. I want an individual who doesn't believe he has a solution to every problem.

The more our politicians we had who said things like "Sorry folks I can't help you with that one." or better yet "Fix it your fucking selves!" the better off we'ld all be.

Sorry about the languange.