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Khamenei warns U.S.

Sticking with the nuclear theme, the spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has warned the United States to stay out of Iran's business, especially since Iran is planning on restarting its nuclear program later this week. Khamenei even went as far to say that the U.S. 'deserved a punch in the mouth.' Full story here

The Iranian leadership seam to be upping the ante lately. They have cut off negotiations, aimed at ending their nuclear program, between themselves and the European Union just last week. Add to that the increased venom directed at the Americans, and you would almost think that the Iranians were trying to force all the players' hands that are involved. Let's just hope that the Iranians don't have any aces up their sleeve.

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The Tiger said...

Well, Iraq looked like it was going too well anyway. Time for a new front in the war. :-(