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It Ain't Easy Being Tasty

A friend sent me this story about a KFC being torched in Pakistan:
Six employees of American fast-food franchise KFC were burned to death in Karachi during a riot that followed a suicide attack on a mosque in the southern Pakistani city, rescue workers said on Tuesday.

Angry Shi'ites set fire to the restaurant after the mosque attack in which five people died on Monday night, but the bodies of those burned were only found on Tuesday morning, said Rizwan Edhi of the Edhi Foundation, a private emergency service.
To paraphrase my friend, in order to protest Musharraf's support for America, Sunnis blow up a Shi'ite mosque. Then, to retaliate, the Shi'ites burn down a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet because it is a symbol of America.

Excuse me, but I'm confused...


Tawcan said...

I'm confused too... :S

Anonymous said...

it must have been the soggy fries and green slaw

Dana said...

Actually I like their fries and coleslaw.

If it was anything I suspect it was that nasty pasta salad they sell.