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Is Canada Going To War?

So it seems that not everyone can be bought off with our tax dollars:
Sudan has rejected a Darfur aid plan crafted by the Canadian government to send military advisers to the war-torn region, accusing Ottawa of not having consulted with Khartoum on the package.

Despite Sudan's opposition, Canada said it would go ahead with plans to send military advisers.
Mind you the Sudanese government is allowing and encouraging genocide within it's borders. Either way, I wonder how Canada intends to send military personel to Sudan without Sudanese approval? Could Canada be preparing to break out 'the stick'?

Breaking out 'the stick' isn't bloody likely which is why I find this whole sharade by the Martin government laughable. The entire story concerning Sudan is a sad joke and our media isn't helping the situation. Every time an article refers to the Jahaweed as 'rebels' I want to reach through my computer monitor and choke the idiot who wrote it. And to make matters worse, our own government encourages this sharade by pretending to work with the Sudanese government.

Message to Mr. Dithers... the Sudanese government is the problem, not part of the solution.

But of course, to recognize that the Sudanese government is the problem would require Mr. Dithers to make some hard decisions and actually take a couple of risks. Unfortunately for the non-Arabs in Sudan, that isn't going to happen.


Anonymous said...

charade n'est-ce pas

Anonymous said...

Gosh this Foreign Policy stuff is a lot more difficult when we actually try to do something isn’t it? There are lots of variables. What if we make a mistake? It’s not simply a lecture from Lloyd “softpower” Axworthy, that smug, newly tenured radical.

Maybe we should just call it a day and go back to blaming it all on Bush, cheaper too.


Gordon Pasha said...

Geeting to Darfur would be impossible (literally) without landing in Khartoum first. Unless of course the troops were to travel through Tripoli instead. Martin is all buddy-buddy with Khaddafi, after all.

Gordon Pasha said...

p.s., you will note that the govt said they would go ahead with "planning". Imagine all those staff officers and bureaucrats sitting around in a smoke-free room, gravely "planning", all knowing full well that no matter what "plan" they were to draw up would never be implemented.

Anonymous said...

Sending militay personnel to a foreign country against the wishes of the country's government?

If Dithers can't recognize a none confidence motion when one bites him in the ass there no damn way he'll recognize a DECLARATION OF WAR!