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I Would Be Offended If I Wasn't So Amused

The Liberals try to continue their campaign of maintaining political power of our country by giving away cushy jobs or our hard-earned tax dollars:
Mr. Mark said in several interviews Tuesday that he was approached by an unnamed cabinet minister who offered him a position in a phone call last Friday.

"The suggestion was that well, maybe, well, there must be something that I want, right?" Mr. Mark said in an interview with CBC Newsworld Tuesday in Ottawa.

"The minister said this?" the reporter asked him.

"The minister said that. Perhaps I would like to be an ambassador for Canada. I said, no, I travel enough. I don't think I want to do that," Mr. Mark answered. He did not disclose who it was.
He repeatedly declined the offer, saying he was not interested, he said.

Then the Liberals implied that a Senate position could come his way, Mr. Mark told CTV Newsnet.
Isn't it nice to see that the Liberals consider important government positions nothing more than tools to be used to maintain their grip on power? Of course I'm not particularly surprised by any of this but it is still worth mentioning.

Anyways, the reason for this post is because I simply couldn't get past the name of the Conservative MP approached by the Liberals: Inky Mark.

Now I'm not usually the one to make fun of a person's name but what the heck were his parents thinking? Inky Mark? Inky's website can be found here and unfortunately there is no mention of his parents or their history of drug use.

Am I the only one who finds this amusing? Maybe I need a nap or something?

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