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How about Pansies?

Some politicians just have too much time on their hands, take for example State Assemblyman Craig Stanley for instance. Mr. Stanley wants to change the name of the New Jersey Devils to something nicer and less satanic. Full story here
“I’ve always cringed when people say they’re going to see the Devils, the merchandise, the paraphernalia is based on the actual demonic devil. Personally, it causes a little bit of an issue with me.”
My good buddy Joe Floyd, a life long Devils fan, would not be impressed with Mr. Stanley's actions at all. He may even tell Mr. Stanley, a Baptist deacon, to go straight to Hell, and I agree. Pansies might be a better suited team name for the actual hockey team, but Devils is a good name. It's menacing, strong and says bad ass, just the sort of thing you want from a hockey team.

People that take team names this serious need to relax, the poor children that grow up cheering for the Devils aren't going to turn into satanic goons, intent on destroying all that's good in the world. If everyone took team names this serious, half of the team names in all of sports would have to be renamed. I say leave em, how about you?

[ Via Neale News ]


Looney Canuck said...

I mostly agree with you here Bob, with one possible exception. The name Washington Redskins does sound patently racist. I heard Chris Rock say it's like having a team called the New York N---ers.

As for the Devils (sorry, had to cross myself), I believe that it's more of a symptom of the fundamentalist Christian fanaticism that's becoming more popular down South. It's one of those things I believe should be allowed to burn itself out, as most of those things do. For now, Hail Satan! (Miroslav, when professional hockey starts up again, what the hell were you thinking?)

Anonymous said...

"fundamentalist Christian fanaticism"?

Sounds like someone has a stereotype-of-the-week they were just dying to take out and play with.

A thinking person would instead say that this guy's opinion is based on his own feelings, and not that of any particular group or movement (real or imagined).

We're constantly told that when a Muslim blows the crap out of a bunch of Jewish kids, Islam is really "a religion of peace" and that the killer is just an extremist doing his own thing. I wonder why people aren't so quick to say the same about Christians, or those who claim to be?

Whoops...your bigotry's showing.