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Foreign Aid to China

Canada is providing China with millions and millions of dollars in foreign aid, this fact has been reported by a few different news agencies, but in my opinion not enough of them, this should be a bigger story. If more people knew about this and were presented with the facts, I think a lot of them would question why our government is providing China with any money at all.

China has one of the fastest growing economies in the entire world, is undertaking a huge expansion of their military, they spent $67.49 billion on its military in 2004, has their very own space program, has a GDP of $7.262 trillion, GDP growth rate of 9.1%, and has exports of $583.1 billion. Also, China is not a democratic country, with a long history of violating human rights.

Add all those facts together and its a pretty strong case against giving China any foreign aid at all. Is the Canadian government attempting to buy a slice of the growing Chinese economy, and is that slice of the economy worth aiding a communist regime that oppresses its people?

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John the Mad said...

It's par for the course in the UN.