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Election Reform Plan

For the past little while the government of Prince Edward Island has been trying to come up with some ideas on how to reform elections here on the Island. Yesterday they announced the plan that they came up with and here it is.
"Under the plan, 10 of the province's 27 seats in the legislature would be filled from party lists on the basis of the popular vote each party received."

"The other 17 would be filled the old fashioned way – victory would go to the candidate getting the most votes in a given district. The number of districts would shrink to 17 from 27."
Voters will get a chance to vote on whether we should adopt these reforms in the fall. I agree that reforms are needed on PEI seeing as the popular vote is often much different than the actual number of seats parties win.
"For example, the Liberals got 43 per cent of the vote in the last P.E.I election but won only four of the 27 seats."
The one thing that I think the government is over looking is the actual number of seats on PEI, we have a population of roughly 140 000 and in my opinion don't need 27 MLAs. I think the total number of seats should be dropped from the current 27 to about 12 to 17 range.

I'm sure making the new districts would be extremely difficult, and cause much angry amongst certain parts of the population, but who ever said electoral reform would be easy. In the long run having less MLAs would not harm the overall performance of the government and would save the province a lot of money. Sometimes less is more.

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