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A Wonderful Explanation

For all of you out there that think David Ahenakew, a member of the Order of Canada, is an anti-semite for stating that he thinks that the Jews were the cause of WWII, and that the Jews were a "disease." Yesterday his lawyer explained the whole situation, so there is no reason at all to think Ahenakew is an anti-semite.
"He was certainly not feeling well that day and wouldn't have said these things if he was feeling well,"
He wasn't feeling well! Surely, there must be more to it than that, I wasn't feeling that well the other day and never turned into an anti-semite. That must be quite the virus. But wait, there's more.
"His medication had recently been doubled caused clearly by a chemical imbalance in the blood being related to diabetes. In addition to that he had two glasses of wine the night before. I think in those circumstances it's pretty obvious that he wasn't measuring his words the way he would normally do."
Ooooh, it was the combination of diabetes, wine and medication. I guess I can't relate to Ahenakew's condition after all, so who's to know if he should be held responsible for his actions or not.

Does anyone really understand the effects of those factors on the human body? Maybe the government should do a study, about 10 million should get the study started, and actually see if combination of diabetes, wine and medication causes people to say terrible things about the Jews.

I think Ahenakew's lawyer must be suffering from this same three factors, to have the gall to come up with that defence. The first time I get arrested, I'm definitely going to use the diabetes, wine and medication defence.

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Richard Anthony Hein said...

LOL that's great Bob.

Friend of USA said...

Maybe Hitler was a misdiagnosed diabetes sufferer and not such a bad guy after all?..

What'd'ya'think ?

Anonymous said...

Uh, whether I agree with this guy or not, what crime is there in his saying this?

If you doubt me, then why don't the liberals stop us from talking about Gomery cause they don't like being made to look guilty without a trial?

Brian Walsh

Anonymous said...

This explanation should not be dismissed out of hand. I suggest we check the air quality in all buildings where the CBC does business.

Terry Gain

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