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What If?

Imagine for a second that a white female photojournalist with dual U.S. - Canadian citizenship went to a city in the United States and photographed an anti-government student rally. Then was detained by the American government, was raped, beaten, and ultimately murdered by government thugs because of the reporting she had done on the rally.

Just imagine the outrage that would spread, deservedly so, like wild fire across Canada if such an event were to happen. The Liberal party and most of the population would be screaming bloody murder, Liberal MPs and the media would vilify the Americans to no end.

That outrage would also be multiplied several times if the government choose to sit on its hands and do nothing in response to the news that one of our citizens died at the hands of a foreign government. The government would have to act or they would be held responsible by the voters.

With that picture clearly in your head, what would you think might happen if a women of Persian decent, with dual Iranian - Canadian citizenship were to be killed and raped by a foreign dictatorship? My guess would be not near as much would come of it. Why do you think that is?


JasperPants said...

Excellent question.

The reason of course, is that to attack Iran over this puts us too close (politically) to the hated Americans.

And that would mean we support Bush, wouldn't it? You know, between us Leftists in the North, Canada can't be seen to be supporting Bush, because that would provide "aid and comfort to the enemy", and all that, right?

Old fashioned Anti-americanism is why there is hardly a peep about poor Zahra Kazemi.


jcrue said...

that is a sad and embarrassing situation for your government.

in addition to hatred of America in general, i also think your government realizes just how impotent they are when it comes to standing on their own for what is an obvious insult to all Canadians.

those who do not project power, have none.

Jason Cherniak said...

Give me a break. There is an American media that would also be up in arms supporting the Can. gov't. If we acted like that with Iran, there would be no response.

deaner said...

I'm not sure just what "break" you are asking for here, Jason.

The obvious point of the comment was that the Canadian chattering and political classes would (rightly) be up in arms about such an event happening in the US (or the UK, France, etc), while they have been strangely silent about the rape, torture and murder of a Canadian Citizen in Iran. This point remains, irrespective of the reaction of the media or other commentators or officials in the country where (in our thought-experiment) the horrible event takes place.

Does the fact that there is no independent media or judiciary in Iran somehow make M Pettigrew's pittiable mewlings less craven or contemptible? To the contrary, I think it makes him all the more a lickspittle - at least in the hypothesised case of these events occurring in the US, it is possible to assert with some confidence that we trust their judicial system to root our and appropriately punish the offenders (in fact, to mete out a rather more severe justice than we would be willing to impose ourselves). Such an assertion with respect to Iran is a self-serving fantasy, as shown by the "inquiry" conducted last year.



Richard Anthony Hein said...

You're right on the mark there ... but all during this breaking of that news the Pope was dying, and now has died, Adscam news is breaking ... etc ... there's a lot of other news.