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Wag the Dog

With the Liberal government suffering though one of the biggest scandals in the history of Canada, it looks like the Liberal party and Prime Minister Paul Martin need a great big distraction to take people's minds off of the sponsorship scandal. And, if we were living in a small budget Hollywood B-movie and not in reality, this is how Mr. Martin might do just that.

With the reasons for death of Zahra Kazemi being known to the public now, the Liberals could declare war on Iran, in hopes that everyone would forget about the sponsorship scandal. Its not like Iran could get their armed forces to Canada to attack us, and I don't think the United States would give them the basing rights to station their armed forces close enough to attack us. So I think it would be a safe move.

As for combat, because we know all wars need heroes, and what better way to help people forget about the sponsorship scandal than war heroes. Mr. Martin could start up the well tuned Liberal propaganda machine and film, in the Rockies of course, fake battles between Canadian and Iranian forces locked in life or death struggle.

I can see it now, the sponsorship scandal would be yesterday's news with the fake war in Iran taking center stage. The Liberals would be reelected, because as we all know, war time governments are never voted out of power and in the end everyone is happy. The Liberals stay in power and us ordinary citizens get a heroic war victory over the hated Mullahs in Iran.

The above scenario would make one interesting drama, but its a good thing we live in the real world, because that's one drama we can all live without. The Liberals have already put us through enough, without digging the hole even deeper and deeper, don't you think?

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