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Tree Hugging

Many people stereotypically view Californians as new age hippsters that eat tonnes of granola and hug the occasional tree. Well I don't know about the granola but it seems that the majority of Californians do actually hug trees. Full story here

In a recent survey done at California State University, marketing professor Dennis Tootelian recently announced that 63% of Californians have actually hugged a tree. I guess some stereotypes are actually true, but why do Californians hug trees?
"Tree hugging grounds you, somehow. It connects you to the earth and the sky. I recommend that everyone do it," - Micaela Hoskins of San Jose, Calif
I have to admit that I have hugged a tree a few times in my life as well, not for the same reasons as most Californians though. The first time I hugged a tree, it was about a half a second after I ran into it with my face while I was riding my bike and I hugged that sucker for all I was worth to avoid doing a second face plant into the ground as well. The second time I was at a party at a campground and ended up using a tree as a make shift stabilizer at the end of the evening.

Maybe it is true, I did feel more grounded after I hugged a tree on both those occasions. I too recommend tree hugging for everyone!

[ Via Neale News ]


darcey said...

Living in Calif for the past 5 years - only the city folk will hug trees! Country folk may for reasons such as yours.

Tawcan said...

Interesting point...

I linked your site on my blog I'm just wondering if you could do the same. Thanx. :)

Anonymous said...

As a native Californian I will admit to hugging a tree only once when I tried to do a mind meld with the tree, me and my Husqvarna dirt bike

St. John said...

California is the land of Granola.

Fruits, nuts, and flakes.

Anonymous said...

Tree hugging is okay except for when they want to save every single tree in the world...

what the hell are we supposed to make our houses out of?

Brian Walsh