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Strike Changes My Focus

The NHL strike has turned me off of hockey for good. It was always easy to tell myself that I wouldn't be as interested in hockey as I used to be, but until there was actual hockey worth watching on TV, I had no way of telling if that were true or not.

But today, with Canada playing against Latvia at the World Hockey Championships, and Liverpool playing against Middlesbrough in the English Premier League at the same time, this was the test to see where my loyalties would go. And much to my own surprise, I watched the soccer game, even more surprising, is that either of the two teams involved in the soccer game are my favorite team but I watched it anyway.

I did flip over to the hockey game a couple times during half time of the soccer match, but had no interest in watching those NHLers preform at all. So I guess the verdict is in, the NHL has driven this once loyal fan to another sport. I don't wish to see the demise of the NHL, I just don't see myself caring about it like I once used to. Besides, who's it easier to like Frank Lampard or Alexie Yashin?


Gordon Pasha said...

Lampard, hands down.

Gordon Pasha said...

p.s. I played competitive hockey from the age of 5 to the age of 19 and then continued playing into my 20s for fun. I used to eat sleep and dream NHL. Nowadays, I find there is no more compelling international sporting event than the Euro Cup and the World Cup. The drama is terrific. Then there is international rugby, also very exciting. And closer to home, MLB and the NFL. Frankly, the NHL (players and management) should realize they really are a small market, tier II or even tier III outfit, and live with it. My 0.02 loonies, for what it's worth.