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Smack Down

So it seems that Canada doesn't quite have the gusto to intimidate Iran:
Iran rejected Tuesday a Canadian demand for an international team of forensic scientists to examine the corpse of an Iranian-Canadian photojournalist who died in its custody.
As I said here, the latest Liberal stunt in this matter had about a zero percent chance of accomplishing anything.

Doesn't Canada's bowing at the alter of multilateralism mean anything? Why isn't the rest of the world up in arms over this? Don't they owe us?

Sorry, those were stupid questions. Anyways, so does anyone have a prediction of what the Liberals will do next? Maybe we could go crying to the UN? Better yet, another strongly worded letter!

Sure that'll work.


Anonymous said...

Dana, I’ll go way out on a limb and predict the Liberals will continue to appease.

( sarcasm off)

This is a perfect example of why the Liberal political class selected Mr Dithers to represent them. This gets to the root cause of why liberals dither and appease ad infinitum and conservatives stop that nonsense and go for regime change - i.e. France and Germany and Chr├ętien would have continued negotiating with Saddam who was in fact a weapon of mass destruction along with his crazed sons. Appeasers are doing the same with the Mullahs in Iran. Regime change needs to take place in Iran before it gets as far along the nuclear path as North Korea.

The same theory is in play here in Canada. Will Canadians continue to dither and appease the Liberals? It’s like trying to get a leopard to change its spots. But will Canadians recognize it’s futile to negotiate with Liberal moral bankruptcy and dithering incompetence? Or will Canadians cause regime change? Fortunately we can do this with a vote versus armed intervention. Yesterday’s poll in the Globe and Mail indicated a 50/50 split on the question of Liberal moral bankruptcy. We’re now within range; with a platform just slightly right of the Canadian center and a strong Conservative marketing campaign we can topple the dithering Liberal appeasers.

Will all this bring us to “smack down” with Iran? No, but it would re-solidify us with our US friends that have smack down capability and that might at least get us to a table in Iran with a Fox News camera and Captain Ed etc etc.


Anonymous said...


We'd also make it a condition that Dana and canadiancomment be at the table too ... ;>)