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Ready... Set...

... Bang!

What are we up to over here at canadiancomment you ask? Well today Bob and I decided that it would be fun to have a race where monkeys flew out of my ass, down the street, and into the nearest newstand. The first monkey to shit all over the counter wins.

Now an innocent question you might have is why the hell we'ld decide to spend such a beautiful Monday having monkey races. Well, we figured that if Paul Martin can claim he has the 'moral authority' to do anything, there couldn't possibly be a reason why monkeys couldn't fly out of my ass:
On Monday, in his first comments since the explosive testimony became public, Mr. Martin insisted that he still has the “moral authority” to govern. Speaking in Ottawa, he said that he was dismayed by the allegations made by Mr. Brault, and he promised to punish any official found guilty of wrongdoing.

“I was as offended as any other Canadian, even if that testimony is contested, I was personally offended by what i heard,” he told reporters on Parliament Hill, in comments carried subsequently on cable news television.
Race tickets are $5 apiece. Free if you provide the counter.


Mary Hardacre said...

Why is everyone getting into such a flap, the Canadian governments since Confederation have been an effing joke, nothing but lies, coverups, secret deals, the whole shmear,and it won't make one iota of differance what party is in power, same ole, same ole. If anyone can name one government in the world that is totally pure, working for the good of the citizens, even giving a dam about them and I will happily move there to live out my life in eutopia or whatever it is named now.....Mary Hardacre, Midland Ontario, Canada. P.S. I'd love to see Mike Duffy,political reporter, elevated to King Duffy of Canada!

Dana said...

Yikes mary, you're hardy on politicians than I am. Quite a feat I must say.

But still the key is to ensure that our politicians are the least corrupt as possible. Sure they'll take care of their friends from time to time, that is to be expected when you give a person a handful of blank cheques. The key is to keep their actions as public as possible and to throw them out when they cross the line.

CERDIP said...

Mary's diatribe about "they're all the same" is merely cover to be able to justify voting Liberal, again.