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On Women

Some people have a wonderful gift for the written word. I don't. And I can live with it.

Anyways, one of those people with the gift is Tim Blair and it definitely shows through in this piece:
“Every minute in the world a woman is raped,” notes Sheikh Feiz Muhammad. We’ve heard similar disturbing statistics in the past; even if such claims are difficult to prove, they always give one pause. Besides which, even a single rape is excessive.

But where are my manners? I’ve interrupted the Sheikh! Please, sir, continue:

“… and she has no one to blame but herself, for she has displayed her beauty to the whole world. Strapless, backless, sleeveless - they are nothing but satanical. Mini-skirts, tight jeans - all this to tease men and to appeal to (their) carnal nature."
The Sheikh was speaking at Bankstown Town Hall, in Sydney, last month. He received frequent applause, as The Age’s Pamela Bone reports.
Funny stuff...

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