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More Of The Same

When will the hipocracy of the Liberal-NDP alliance ever end? As Damian points out, the Liberals struck a deal with the NDP to scrap tax deductions and now Martin says that he will introduce the cuts in a separate bill and dare the Conservatives and Bloc to vote against it.

Today we are blessed to see that Jack Layton has joined the chorus by stating that the Conservatives would scrap the Atlantic Accords if elected:
NDP Leader Jack Layton struck back at Stephen Harper on Thursday, saying the Conservative Leader will be "getting into bed with the separatists" if the Tories and Bloc Québécois work together to defeat the Liberal budget.

He also warned that if the budget is defeated, it could endanger accords recently signed between the federal government and Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia. The Atlantic accords protect equalization payments from cuts because of increased energy revenue.
Fear, fear, fear. Is that all these sorry fools have to offer?

The intellectual gymnastics required for Martin and Layton to sleep at night must be truly remarkable. The Liberals use government funds to line their own pockets while at the same time making fools out of Quebecers and somehow Layton reasons that it is the Conservatives that have put the future of the country at risk? Now I have no doubt that Jack Layton is an intellectual dimwit but I wonder how he can convince 15% of the population otherwise.

Now we have Jack Layton telling Maritimers that they should be grateful for the few crumbs Ottawa has thrown their way. All this Maritimer has to say to that is: GO FUCK YOURSELF!

We've had two years of the Liberals and NDP refusing to have an actual debate or to have an honest discussion on any of the issues facing this country. During the last election the Conservatives wanted to discuss the state of the Canadian Forces and Paul Martin ran around for weeks babbling about aircraft carriers in a bid to make the Conservatives look stupid. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic!

Our healthcare system is in a crisis and Martin and Layton run around whining about the evils of two-tier healthcare. Is anyone but me interested in a serious discussion on any of this? Does anyone else around here care?

All the Liberals and NDP care about is maintaining control and to hell with the consequences. What a stinking disgrace.


TimR said...

Martin is now spinning so fast he is in danger of disappearing into the earth. A few weeks ago Harper made a motion in the house (seconded by none less than Layton) that they would pass the Atlantic Accord immediately if the Liberals would separate it from the budget bill.

No! No! Can't be done! cried the Liberals. The budget bill was a complete entity and no one could cherry pick parts of it. It had to stand or fall on its own. How quickly the Liberal gang of liars and thieves reverse their course when politically expedient. Seems their budget is not nearly as sacrosanct as they were telling us up until Monday.

Gordon Pasha said...

I don't expect that Sheila is getting much these says.

Dana said...

You make an excellent point there TimR.

My question then becomes why is the title to the G&M article "Harper 'getting into bed with separatists': Layton" instead of "Layton and Martin Hippocritical Schmucks"?