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Martin to Address Nation

Prime Minister Paul Martin is going to address the nation on Thursday night to talk about the sponsorship scandal and the problems it is causing his Liberal government in parliament. The speech is scheduled for 7:45 p.m. ET. Full story here

My first reaction, what an asshole! My second reaction, he better be going on TV to admit that he's an asshole or I'm going to be super pissed, instead of just pissed. Third reaction, I hope Dr. Phil is going to be guest host to help Paul sort out all the problems that Canadians are causing him. Fourth reaction, what an asshole!

[ Via Neale News ]

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Raging Ranter said...

What an asshole! You know EXACTLY what he is going to do.
A) He is going to promise an election as soon as the Gomery Report is out.
B) He is going to challenge the opposition to "listen to Canadians" and not force them into an election they apparently don't want.
C) He is going to request that the Opposition allow him to carry on with the business of governing the country (i.e. the budget, Kyoto, etc.)

I hope Harper tells him to fuck himself.