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It's a Sad Day

You know when its a sad day in Canadian politics when you can take a quote from a Russian reporter, Anna Politkovskaya, who is talking about her own corrupt and dirty government, and apply it to our very own Liberal party of Canada.
"The vacated arena is now filled with the ambitions of some, and the laziness and indifference of others; some publicize their ludicrous stupidity, others tell barefaced lies, while idiocy is raised to the level of government policy, and all are guilty of a slovenly inefficiency."
Does the Paul Martin government have any moral authority left? Thanks to the Liberal party, Canada now has even less clout on the international stage. How can Mr. Martin tell other countries, such as Russia, with corrupt governments that they should being cleaning up their acts so that they can be better global partners and not have their own poor behavior thrown back in their faces?

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Anonymous said...

Paul Martin justed proved what a hypocrit he is just on friday. Going to the Pope's funeral being a catholic Martin if he is a strong of Catholic that he says he is would never had introduce same sex marriage bill. So I feel Martin will have no problem B.S. ing around the world afetr all he is one hell of a liar

Anonymous said...

I’m just trying to figure out why there is not more outrage at Ottawa. Then it occurred to me that maybe Canadians are being rational – because they’ve decided on a certain level that Ottawa simply doesn’t matter.

Maybe what’s going down here is the public realization that we don’t need Ottawa? It has no relevance. The big expenditure envelopes are Health and Education, both provincial jurisdictions. The voters up until Adscam have allowed Ottawa to pretend it has a role but will no longer trust it with money for which it does not have a clear mandate and accountability. Therefore we’ll start to see platforms from all parties that continue the devolution out of Ottawa.

Some will argue the Bank of Canada (central bank) is relevant – but in reality it just tags along with the Fed. Martin just kissed NORAD goodbye, we have no presence at a military table. Ottawa probably has a homeland security role but again we just do what the Americans tell us if we want our truckers to roll across the border. I guess Ottawa will continue its welfare addictive practices with the First Nations, but that may be Ottawa’s last stand. Ditto equalization payments and regional (non) development; then again even McGuinty has indicated he’s had enough of that game.

Maybe we could close down Ottawa and nobody would care. At least the Provincial governments change parties once in awhile and we get a good housecleaning - “ scrub clean this stain on Canadian politics,” Mr. Scott Reid said in the new Liberal parlance.

I’ve probably spent too much time in head office roles but every once in awhile we’d go though a healthy exercise and ask ourselves – why does head office exist? Why don’t we ask the guys running for PM to tell us why we even need them? Why does Ottawa exist?

Existentially yours,

Dana said...

Excellent point nomdenet. Most people do consider Ottawa irrelevent. Parliament doesn't really do anything. Legislation is now decided by the courts even though it doesn't have a mandate to do so. Our charter of rights provides a not withstanding clause so that Parliament can pull in over-reaching courts but the clause has been given such a bad reputation that no one will use it.


Your point about devolving responsibilities to the provinces appears to be very correct because from everything from healthcase to welfare services most people have given up on having the federal government solve any real problems.

Good points all around.

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