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It's Pretty Much Official Then

As more testimony comes in, it is becoming nearly impossible to argue that the Liberal Party isn't corrupt through-and-through:
Benoît Corbeil, the former director-general of the Liberal Party's office in Montreal, said in an interview that he received approval from some of his superiors for the cash transactions that were part of a regular flouting of electoral law.

At the time, Mr. Corbeil was at the top of the party's organization in Quebec, working under the direct supervision of then-minister Alfonso Gagliano.

Mr. Corbeil is the first Liberal official to state that funds from the sponsorship program were illicitly funnelled back to the senior members of the party. The declaration corroborates explosive testimony from Jean Brault, president of Groupaction, that he gave money to Mr. Corbeil for the Liberal Party and is certain to rock the Martin government.

“I took the bills [from Mr. Brault] and with that, I paid people, without declaring it [to Elections Canada],” Mr. Corbeil said, refusing to state exactly how much money he received that day.

“I have to admit it, that's the way it happened,” he said.

Mr. Corbeil was giving a preview of his coming testimony at the Gomery inquiry.
So this high ranking Liberal admits that his party used our tax dollars to fund the Liberal campaign machine. Paul Martin is still denying that he knew anything about it but even if that is the case (which isn't bloody likely) what does that say about him?

Paul Martin was the number two man in the country under the Chretien regime and if he knows as little as he claims he does then all we can conclude is that he is either incompetent or negligent. In either case, there is no way that Paul Martin can claim that he is qualified to be Prime Minister.

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