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An Election isn't Necessary?

Just a quick thought on how the Liberals are trying to convince the people of Canada that an election is not necessary at this time. I'm not buying that load of crap for a second, since when is it not necessary to get rid of a government that is corrupt and can't be trusted. I think there would be no better time for an election than now, the Liberals have forced Canadians into taking action against their party, its no ones fault but their own.

Every Canadian government must be held accountable and to the highest standards possible, if Canadians let the Liberal party get away with this type of behavior, what kind of message would we sending to our elected officials? Steal from us, we don't care! Is that the type of lesson that the Liberals should learn from this experience? No, its not. Each and every government that is involved in this type of behavior will be made to pay a heavy price, that's the message we should sending.


Temujin said...

Hear, Hear! Testify to that.

TimR said...

The theme to the upcoming election should be: Don't let them get away with it!