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And I thought Canadian court sentences were pathetic. It seems that Spain has managed to one-up us Canucks:
A Spanish court has convicted a former Argentine naval officer of crimes against humanity, terrorism and torture under the former Argentine military government and sentenced him to 640 years in prison -- effectively jailing him for the rest of his life.

Human rights organizations hailed the case against Adolfo Scilingo, 58, the former officer, as a triumph for "universal justice," in which Spain, for the first time, tried and convicted a defendant for crimes against humanity committed in another country.

Scilingo showed no reaction as the 209-page verdict was read by the presiding judge of the three-judge panel at Spain's National Court in Madrid.

Scilingo can filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Spain. Under Spanish law, he would only serve 30 years in prison despite the length of the sentence.
In case you missed it I'll clear it up in one sentence; it seems that in Spain a person sentenced to 640 years in prison can fulfill his sentence by served 30 years behind bars.

Yikes. That's savage justice they got there. It's a new inquisition!

Anyways, I just wish that people served the time that the courts sentenced them too. The only reason that people serve less is because our politicians and our judicial system want people to believe that criminals are paying a much higher price than they really are. Why else are we bombarded with headlines about 10 and 20 year jail sentences when we know that the person will only serve a third of the sentence?

A false sense of security that's why.


Christopher said...

*chuckle* so you're saying they should leave him in his cell for the full 640 years?

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but I'm not sure it would be much of a punishment after the 457th year or so...

Dana said...


Yeah you're probably right, the effect would likely wear off after 457 years.

Them Spaniards are smarter than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Looked at from another perspective, this is really quite terrifying.

Consider that a Spanish court, acting on charges laid by Spanish prosecutors, have tried and convicted an Argentinian citizen (who may or may not also have Spanish citizenship) for crimes committed in Argentina, which (last I checked) is NOT Spanish territory.

This sort of exra-territoriality, this notion of the universality of OUR laws and customs (to be imposed on whomever we choose), is the sort of thing for which the US is usually condemned, and yet which passes without comment if committed by (a) a socialist EUropean nation (b) against some evil "right-wing" baddie. (Note that former Communists from the Soviet Union or any of their former satellites who managed to persecute and slaughter millions never seem to face such pursuit.)

"Univeral justice", my ass. This is vengeance on a one-way street.

(Oh, and let's not forget to note the multiple abrasions on Sr. Scilingo's face in that news article - is this the sort of "justice" meted out by the Spanish police?)

The Spanish tried to pull the same stunt a few years ago when Pinochet was in Britain, but fortunately the Law Lords managed to maintain sufficient grip on the concept of fundamental justice to remember that crimes committed in Argentina are best dealt with by the Argentines (who in the case of Pinochet had granted a pardon, since reneged on.)

I don't know about you, but Spain is definitely OFF my list of potential vacation spots until they cure themselves of their current infection of political correctness. Having served in the Canadian military for over twenty years, and having repeatedly voted for conservative-leaning political parties all my life, God only knows what charges I could face if I ever set foot there.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Pinochet was from Chile, not Argentina.

But the principle of my earlier comment still holds.

(Apologies for the brain cramp.)

Dana said...

That's alright. Your post is still right on target.

Anonymous said...

NOT WRIGTH! The guy JUST killed and tortured leftwingers. It`s obvious to EVERYONE that he should get a medal. JUST NOT WRIGTH!!!

Anonymous said...

ONLY the US have the moral standards to judge anybody anywhere. It`s obvious to EVERYONE. Who the hell spaniards think they are!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are we going to !? Punishing torture and murderer of leftwingers? It`s WRONG and against GOD`s will!