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Arms Sales to Israel

I was reading Lebanon's Daily Star today and came across a story that says the United States is planning on selling 'bunker busters' to Israel.
"The United States plans to sell Israel 100 of its most effective bombs designed to destroy deep underground facilities, despite growing concern in the Middle East the Jewish state might resort to military strikes to halt Iran's nuclear program, U.S. defense officials said late Wednesday."
"The GBU-28, which Washington is planing to sell to Israel, is a 2.2-ton, laser-guided, conventional munition equipped with a powerful warhead that can burrow through more than six meters of concrete and up to 30.5 meters of hard ground. "
"Experts believe GBU-28 "bunker busters" are the only existing conventional munitions that could be effective against Iran's underground uranium enrichment facility."
I personally think this is a good move by the Americans and Israel. They are sending a clear message to Iran, telling them that they might as well make a deal with the European Union and come to a peaceful solution, because one way or another your nuclear program is going to be shut down.

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kitsune said...

The argument can easily go the other way as well: Iran feels threatened by Israel's weapons acquisition and is more determined than ever to develop nukes. After all, nukes are certainly a source of Israel's security, why not Iran's?