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Your Money For Your Vote

According to Jane Tabor, the Liberals are planning to concentrate on 'the economy, the environment and global issues' in order to win a majority when the next election is called. According to Tabor:
The Prime Minister will attempt to concentrate on governing in just three major areas -- the economy, the environment and global issues, according to a senior government source.

This new and focused approach would attempt to answer critics who have called Mr. Martin indecisive and labelled him "Mr. Dithers." It would allow him to deliver in the three areas, "global, green and the economy . . . where he is comfortable and Canadians are comfortable with him," the source said.

Liberals believe Finance Minister Ralph Goodale's budget, and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's support of it, have bought them a full year of governing.

This would give them time to craft a tax-cut budget that could help them win a majority at the polls in the spring of 2006, according to a senior Liberal.
I'm just curious to know how likely is it that the Liberals could win a majority? Given the current alignment in Canadian politics I find it very unlikely that Canada will see a majority party in the next couple of years.

Perhaps the Bloc could implode but I find that unlikely. I suspect they will lose seats the next time around but not enough to grant the Liberals a majority. And I suppose the Conservatives could implode as well but once again I think the odds of that are pretty slim.

If I was a betting man, which I'm not, I'ld bet that the results of any election called within a year won't be much different than the 2004 results.



Anonymous said...

Why would you fight an election on real issues when you can use tried and true demographics.

100,000 abortions per year for 30 years = 3 million abortions. Assume 1.5 abortions per abortionator = 2 million abortionating voters. Assume 10% dead , 10% guilt ridden and 30% apathetic, it still leaves 1 million voters.

Problem: Losing an election on issues.

Solution: Get your many friends in the MSM to suggest that THEY intend to re-criminalize abortion.

Result: Another Liberal victory.

Terry Gain

Dana said...

Is 'abortionating' a word?

Anyways, the Liberals will surely resort to tried and true methods as you suggest but if the Liberals couldn't win a majority last year using these methods why would it produce a different result this time around?

Anonymous said...

They won't have a scandal like the one that should have defeated them last election hanging over their heads.

And yes it is a word -perhaps coined by me but neverthelees a word. Just as "oldosoc" -being an unreformed socialist who has reached the stage of her life where she should know better-is a word (also coined by me).

Good night. God be with you.

Terry Gain

Brian S said...

Jane Tabor is often used by the Liberals to fly trial balloons. She was outlining the Liberals wish list, not what will actually happen.

I have no doubt that the Liberals hope that the scenario outlined in Tabor's column will come to pass. Howver, it is too soon to predict next year.

The Liberals still have to steer clear of scandal and hope that the economy holds up.

Frankly, I would prefer a change in government, but the Liberals know how to play hard ball (think abortion) and the Tories still have their work cut out for them.

Brian S