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What a Waste!

It's no sercet that Yasser Arafat and his cronies in the Palestinian Authority tended to wast and/or steal large portions of aid money that was donated to them by the international community, but I always found it hard to put into perspective just how big of an opportunity the Palestinian people were missing out on because of the PA's leadership. That is until I found out how much aid money, per capita, the Palestinians were actually receiving from the international community compared to some other countries that were given much less aid over the years and turned out just fine.

The amounts to say the least were startling, the PA's share of aid to be spent in the territories reached or exceeded $200 per capita a year, compare that to the amounts received by Taiwan and South Korea, which received between $50 to $75 per capita a year and you get to see a little more clearly how much money Arafat and his cronies actually stole or wasted. Even go back a little further in history to the Marshall Plan, where countries such as Germany and Japan received just over $100 per capita per year in aid money.

So Arafat received twice as much aid money as Japan, Germany, Taiwan and South Korea did to rebuild or built their states, and what do the Palestinians have to show for it?

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