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Sweet Justice

With so many idiot blogs still claiming that the invasion of Iraq has been a disaster and that all of the other changes occuring in the Middle East have had nothing to do with the policies of George W. Bush, I figure that I should link to this (free registration required):
In Martyrs' Square here, the scene of many demonstrations in recent weeks, thousands of protesters came Saturday morning to watch a broadcast of Mr. Assad's speech on projection screens, at times booing and jeering, or calling "Liar!" and "Bush sends his greetings!"
It seems the Lebanese get it.

To bad our own lefty rejects can't figure it out.

[Via The Corner]

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Anonymous said...

Dana you’re right, amazingly the MSM still cranks out negativism on Bush. Despite the facts that get in the way: Syria leaving Lebanon, elections in Iraq, elections in Afghanistan, elections in Egypt, elections in the Palestinian territories....the list goes on. These dictators' days are numbered, and they know it. Freedom is on the march in the Middle East. Bush was right. Chr├ętien, Ch’Iraq and the UN were all wrong – yet none are even embarrassed let alone humbled by the facts – amazing.