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Plot Uncovered

I have uncovered an evil plot by all of the world's photographers to make Canada's Prime Minister, Paul Martin look like an absolute idiot. At first I didn't believe it myself, but then I did a search of the web and found that in every picture taken of Paul Martin, he in fact does look like an absolute idiot.

This can't just be a coincidence, some people do take a bad picture from time to time, but it simple defies the odds that our beloved Prime Minister would look like a complete boob every time his picture is taken. All photographers must be in a some sort of plot to discredit our PM, throwing out the good pictures of him and only giving the worst ones to their editors for publication.

Only one question remains. Who could possibly behind such an evil plot?


Dana said...

A Zionist conspiracy!

No wait, neo-nazi transexual eskimos!

mjb said...

Did you get that from Dana? because it sounds like something that would be posted there! ;)

Dana said...

Actually I heard it from a friend in highschool who used to go on about eskimos all the time.

Long live Zoodles!

VW said...

Who says it's a plot? It could be because the PM actually IS an idiot.

Dana said...

I'm posting this on behalf of Sean who was having problems with Blogger:

Here's a little secret for you -- most people look like idiots most of the time. The skilled photographer is one who can squeeze the shutter release in that 1/100th of a second when the subject isn't looking like an idiot.

This is usually only possible under the most controlled of circumstances. It certainly isn't possible inside of a press scrum where you're dodging the elbows and cameras of fellow photographers and the best 'composition' you can manage is to hold your camera over your head, point it in the general direction of the subject, and squeeze off thirty frames all the while hoping like hell that you got something so that you won't wind up with the photo editor's teeth in your ass later on.

I say 'patooey' to your plot.