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Jacko Impressed with Chretien's Balls

Apparently impressed by Jean Chretien's grandstanding at the inquiry into the sponsorship scandal, Micheal Jackson, the King of Pop, is planning to produce his balls as evidence in his child molestation case.

All I can say is that we should all pray that the courtroom's sketch artist has the flu that day and a replacement can't be found. Considering how weird Jackson is, that story is almost strange enough to be true.


Anonymous said...

Jean Chretien played 18 holes with Tiger Woods.

Friend of USA said...

Michael Jackson is a pedophile that's 99.9% sure.
I'm not arguing with that.

But there are signs out there that the mother and her son - the alledged victim - are knowned for extortion schemes.

A few years ago they were caught - as a team - shop lifting , they managed to turn this around and sue the store .
Alledgedly the security guards had manhandled them a little...
If I remember correctly, they won a hundred thousand dollards settelment.
( can`t remember where I saw that , could be ABC , NBC ?..)

And now Jay Leno says the son called him ( with what sounded like a rehearsed scenario; He could hear the mother in the back "directing" ) and tried to get some money from him too...

And why was that kid holding hands with Jacko in the special on ABC a couple of years ago ?
Seems to be that the mother is using the child to extort money !

So in other words even if Jacko is a sicko , in this case the mother and son team are just as bad.

I believe the client( jacko ) , the prostitute ( son ) and the pimp ( mother )should ALL be punished .