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Is Human Nature the Problem?

I have heard on several occasions now, from a couple of former politicians, that the biggest problem with healthcare today in Canada is that people are overusing the system by seeking medical treatment for every single little problem they have, instead of just when it is absolutely necessary. Isn't that reassuring? Never mind the bloated government bureaucracy, just chalk up healthcare's woes to human nature, I'm sure that problem is fixable.

Go figure, people are abusing a "free" service provided by the government, never heard of that before. This explanation reminds me of the time when some guy from the Communist Party of Canada was trying to explain to me how communism was the ideal system of government, he said that communism just didn't work very well when it is applied to humans. Which to me is totally retarded, because who else are you going to apply it to?

Is that what those former politicians were trying to tell me, that our socialist healthcare system is very good in theory, it just preforms poorly when humans are involved? If so, how bad are things going to get before the system is reformed?

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