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Idiots: Part II

The stupidity of the average reader of The Globe And Mail (further refered to as the G&M) continues to astonish. Today's poll question asks:
Do you think that the U.S. 'war on terrorism' has actually strengthened radical groups such as al-Qaeda?
And the results are: yes at 74% and no at 26%.

I always find it amusing that Canadians love to point out how uninformed Americans are. We're always told that Americans only elected G.W. because they didn't know any better and that they had been brainwashed by Foxnews.

Of course all these jabs imply that Canadians could never fall for such silly tricks. We're worldly, educated, wise beyond our years... blah, blah, blah.

So how well are Canadians, or at a minimum the twits who read the G&M, informed? From Time we have:
Al-Zarqawi's aide also revealed that his boss, after pondering the absence of attacks in the U.S. in recent years, concluded that a lack of "willing martyrs" was to blame.
So we have Zarqawi whining about a lack of bombers and these fools think G.W. has made the world less safe? I see. Does the fact that the only time we see bin Laden these days is when he is telling us who he endorses for president mean anything? And how about the fact that there have been no other terror attacks in the U.S. since 9/11 (knock on wood)?

Tiny details...

So given all this we have three possible explanations for the poll results which are: 1) that the average G&M reader is a total idiot, 2) the G&M is failing to inform it's readers, or 3) the average G&M reader spend their lives shivering in terror at the world outside their door and conclude that their cowardice must be George's fault.

Take your pick.


ET said...

A key problem is that the 'average Canadian' is both uninformed and misinformed and doesn't take the time and effort to deal with this situation.

The Canadian MSM systems, both television news and newspapers consistently misinform the public with opinion reports which are low on facts and heavy on prejudice. There is, essentially, almost no reporting of objective facts. The news is biased, highly selective, and focused on a completely Fictional Canada.

Why? Why? We've become intellectually and operationally, a passive people.

Christopher said...

I think the answer is 4:

all of the above

Anonymous said...

But it’s not just Canadians that have been duped.

In Europe, their government owned propaganda media outlets are staffed by socialists who air Rodney King reruns. By doing so, they have successfully portrayed Americans as racists – until Condi comes along in her “ these boots are made for walking” look.

Something like 35% of Germans under 35 years old believe Bush orchestrated 9/11. And I recently saw a poll that almost 20% of Germans think highly of Hitler.

The BBC had to fire their head guy because that Marxist outlet portrayed Blair as a conspirator re Iraq.

To flip the Fox News reference around the other way, don’t forget the MSM influenced 48% of Americans to vote for Kerry, their Mr. Dithers, who is even more dangerous then ours because the US President has real responsibilities beyond transfer payments.

Having said all that – one more time with feeling – blogs will get the truth out and the truth will prevail.


Anonymous said...

The gay editor of the Globe has sure proven to me that by letting gays marry, all that is going to come out of this is better interior decorating.