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Fighting The Good Fight

angry_in_t_o seems to have hit a nerve with one of his local CBC radio personalities.

You're got to love it when an American draft dodger tells a Canadian that they aren't "Canadian" enough and should move to the United States. I guess to some people, a person's political leanings are more important than their nationality.

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Anonymous said...

Barrie is an intolerant pacifist that gets to use the Liberal propaganda organ to voice opinions with which I don’t agree. Another good reason to vote CPC and I hope there is a "hidden agenda" to close down all CBC programming that isn't clearly nation building in a tolerant and respectful way i.e. to broadcast conservative slants as well as liberal – I’m not sure this is even possible – who gets to decide the balance?

Dan Rather can say what he wants, that's a private outlet, that's a business decision to lose audience or gain it. But the CBC costs taxpayers $1 billion a year - more now that hockey related revenues are out. That money is confiscated from me for Barrie and his cabal of lefties at the CBC to transmit their leftist agenda.

The bottom line is: we are all biased. But the CBC thinks it is balanced, as does its 3% market share of mostly liberal audience. Barrie’s comments about FOX prove he is not balanced. Fine. But I don’t want to pay for his views with my taxes.