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An Epidemic!

We're all going to die of cancer! The environment! Obesity! Your drinking water is killing you! Second hand smoke is killing you!

OK, maybe not (free registration required):
Americans are living longer than ever before — for an average of 77.6 years — and the life expectancy of men is drawing closer to that of women, according to government statistics released Monday.

Death rates from conditions such as heart disease and cancer appear to be declining, while those from others, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, have risen slightly.

The report, released by the government's National Center for Health Statistics, is based on more than 2.4 million death certificates issued in 2003, the latest year for which figures are available. The number represents about 93% of all certificates.

The statistics revealed that life expectancy had increased by nearly four months from the 2002 figure of 77.3 years.
I wonder, when was the last time average life expectancy declined over a five year period? I suspect not since WWII or the influenza outbreak of 1918.

So why is it that the nightly news always insists on telling me that my life is hanging by a thread?


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JimBobby said...

Whooee! DanaGal (I always thought you were a gal but ol' PhantomFeller sez yer a feller so I 'pologize if I was wrong an' you ken set me straight.), the reason fer all that news 'bout diseases an' ailments onta the TV news is on accounta who's buyin' the advertisin'. Every 5 minutes they gotta commercial an' they's all fer sum sorta medicine from sum bigass outfit like Pfizer or Glaxo. Keepin' people on edge worryin' 'bout their broken down bodies is what these TV news sponsors is lookin' fer an' it's jest what ol' Peter Jennings is dishin' up.

I got me a satellite dish an' I watch sum news from the BBC. It ain't the onliest news I watch but it's one of'm. The BBC ain't got any commercials an' they don't hardly ever got any dumbass stories 'bout the latest new research that's gonna save all our lives as long as the research money keeps comin' inta the bigass drug pushers.

The piper's callin' the tune, DanaFellerOrGal, it's jest as simple as that.

Yores trooly,