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Dumb Idea Of The Year

The stupidity of people is astounding sometimes. Detroit's city council has taken it upon themselves to create a 'black only' entrpreneurial zone in downtown Detroit:
"The idea is to build an 'AfricaTown,' similar to Little Italy and Chinatown," explained Charles Oliver in a recent issue of Reason magazine, referring to the vote by Detroit City Council to spend $30 million a year in public money to develop a blacks-only, race-based district of entrepreneurship in downtown Detroit.

"By a 7-2 vote," reported Oliver, "the council has decreed that only black businessmen and investors can qualify for the money." The concept of this black version of Little Italy originated in a $112,000 report commissioned by the council: "A Powernomics Economic Development Plan for Detroit's Under-Served Majority Population."

Detroit's population is poor, shrinking and overwhelmingly black. By official count, 26 percent of the populace is living below the poverty line and 83 percent of the city's population is black. It's this "under-served majority population," according to the "Powernomics" report, that is being passed up economically by a mixed bag of nonblack newcomers.

More specifically, the report complains that entrepreneurial immigrants from Latin America and the Middle East are opening up too many stores and selling too much of everything to blacks. In doing so, it's alleged that these money-grubbing greenhorns are stealing jobs and business opportunities from blacks.
Now of course they don't intend to do this by making personal choices as to where to do their business. Oh no. That would be to easy. Instead, like every great idiot with a stupid idea they intend to use taxpayer dollars. $30 million to be exact.

And the logic of the whole thing, let alone the racial offensiveness of it all, is that they intend to create an entrepreneurial zone by putting the entrepreneurs at a disadvantage. Brilliant!

[Via RealClearPolitics]


Drew said...

Hmmm. I thought the whole idea was to create equality. Guess I was wrong again.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is dumb.
Can not post to 2 year post so it is here.

This is part of your response to my question “Why are we in Iraq”

From Your Post--“I'll shed no tears over what the US has done in the Middle East. If the US accepts the responsibility then congratulations to them. America will take the credit or deserve the blame and that is a responsibility that they must burden.”

“Does American make mistakes. Of course they do. But they also accept responsibilities like no other nation on earth.”

Now maybe you were talking about other mistakes. But I thought you were trying to answer the question but I guess you were not answering the question or were you. Maybe you could explain. And then maybe you could answer the questions I asked a couple of times. Thank you
“How many U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq did you say you know? Not that it really matters but I doubt you have a personal stake in this in any form.? How much is it costing you and your country? And in what form? “

Cherokee Steni said...

it's not dumb, it is absolutely moronic,and I wonder if the MSM would be screaming "racism", if the roles and numbers were inverted. That said, I am shocked when I visit this site,mainly at the diminutive number of comments and visitors......this has to be one of the most underrated blogs on the net. Dana, in particular, is as insightful and brilliant as any I have seen.

Dana said...

Did I ever mention that I can cook too!

Seriously though, thanks for the compliments. It certainly helps to balance out the emails where people tell me I'm a bonehead.

Anonymous said...

bonehead from what i have read. although I agree on this

Dana said...

Gee thanks.

Justzumgai said...


What a ridiculous idea. That would be as crazy as trying to set up a French economic zone in Canada, to protect French entrepreneurs and consumers from having to ever compete or deal with brown, yellow, or English-speaking businesses! You would have to pile enormous taxes on the entrepreneurs working outside of the zone, in order to subsidize the businesses which set up in the zone. Nobody is that stupid!