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Does This Sound Familiar?

Kyoto costs ballooning, ministers warned.

I'ld make some sort of dumbassed comment about this but it isn't really worth it anymore.


Ed in Kanata said...

A nice contrast to the futile Canadian Kyoto program is provided by Belmont Club - March 7 2005

French President Jacques Chirac called on Tuesday for developed countries to cut gas emissions to a quarter of current levels by 2050 -- exceeding targets set by the Kyoto pact to combat global warming. ... "We must go further -- divide by four by 2050 the greenhouse gas emissions of developed countries. The next G8 summit must be an opportunity for advancing in this direction," Chirac told a working group, according to the Elysee presidential palace.

But the investment dollars and great states are decisively betting the exact opposite will happen. A Congressional Research Service Report Rising Energy Competition and Energy Security in Northeast Asia (available from Gallerywatch.Com) shows that world consumption of petroleum will increase dramatically, driven by economic growth in North America and Asia Pacific. The projected US consumption for petroleum will grow from 24 in 2001 to 34 million barrels per day in 2020. In that period, Asian consumption will grow to equal that of the United States and will be poised to exceed it.

And what will Canada's energy consumption be in 2020 - my guess is that it will be in line with the U.S.

Just one other point on Kyoto - do you think a reason the Russian's joined was to torpedo the EU economy at no cost to themselves. I would not be surprised if secretly the EU countries were hoping Russia wouldn't join and they would be off the hook.

Dana said...

From what I understand Russia agreed to sign the protocol because Europe agreed to support Russia's application to the WTO if they did.

So basically we have a country, Russia in this case, that has no obligations under the protocol and even if they did wouldn't make any effort to meet them anyways.

So Kyoto becomes law even though no country will seriously attempt to meet their commitments and a country that normally couldn't gain entry to the WTO is allowed to join without meeting all of the requirements.

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if Russia didn't join, seeing as environmentalism as religion is the latest incarnation of the socialist attack on Freedom and Liberty.