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Coyne On Point

Andrew Coyne discusses Canada's position on ballistic missle defence and sums it all up very nicely:
Then, as now, the Prime Minister had no real objection to Canadian participation. Then, as now, Canada did not take a principled stand, but waffled and fudged until the last possible minute. Then, as now, we were not being asked for much more than moral support, and then, as now, the matter was finally decided on the basis of internal Liberal politics and the latest poll out of Quebec.

So the damage will be redoubled, the more so for the hopes that had been invested in Mr. Martin. We could have taken our place beside the United States, Great Britain and Australia, the great alliance that fought and won two world wars and to whom literally dozens of countries owe their freedom. Instead, who are our new best friends? The Chinese, the Russians, the Germans and the French, who between them have never liberated a single country, including their own. How very sad. How unspeakably silly.

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ThunderHorse said...

simple, concise, yet brillant comparitive, Dana