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Charest Wants More Say

The Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest is calling for a bigger role for his province on the international stage, he wants Canada's federal government to give Quebec exclusive rights over foreign and trade policy. Full story here.

Which is sort of funny, seeing as just the other day I was thinking that Canada should give Dana and I a bigger role in deciding Canada's foreign policy. I don't see any reason for the federal government not to consider it. If Charest wants a bigger say, why not us too?

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Anonymous said...

Let’s let Charest try it. At least we might get a Foreign Policy , we don’t have one now.
Just kidding, our only hope to try to regain our global status as a real sovereign nation is to have a Foreign Policy backed up by hard military power. Even the Liberals’ guest speaker Michael Ignatieff tried to tell this to Liberals who clapped having no idea what he’s talking about.

I went to my Liberal MP’s “inclusion” session 2 years ago to provide input on the Foreign Policy to be tabled in the Fall of 2003 – still no Policy. Why? Because it would involve debate and decisions – always avoided by Liberals.

That meeting was very animated, the MP was extremely anti-American while denying it. Interestingly, new Canadian ethnic people were very pro Iraq War at the time and very anti UN – which pleasantly surprised me. On the other hand, anyone that bothered to go to this kind of meeting would likely be far left or far right on Foreign Policy. Those in the middle want needed leadership on it before forming opinions , other then opinions inherently anti-American , again it’s refreshing to see Ignatieff confront that natural default bias.