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Canada Agency Training Iraqis

Vancouver based agency, The Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society has been hired to begin training Iraqi journalists in Lebanon as early as next month. The journalists will be trained to cover elections and conduct interviews, seeing as most Iraqis had no experience doing such things under Saddam Hussein's rule, this task will be an important step in helping democracy take a firm hold in the region. Full story here.
"Developing an independent and free media is, I think, a critical component of both creating a democratic society as well as creating civil society. Without that, Iraq's not going to make the transformation from an authoritarian state to a democratic one." - Karim Alrawi, director of international media programs
I wish there were more stories in the daily news telling us of Canadian involvement in helping rebuild Iraq. But I guess I shouldn't complain too much, patience is a virtue after all, slowly more of these positive stories are coming to light as time goes by. Which is important, especially now that the tide has shifted in the favor of democracy and freedom, we should do all we can as a country to help make sure that it doesn't have a chance to reverse.

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