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Can I Do This?

Our ruling elites seem to believe that they have a foolproof means of covering their screwups:
The federal sponsorship inquiry, now under the shadow of a sweeping government lawsuit against key witnesses, heard Monday that a former ad executive blindly signed off on paperwork that led to massive commissions for his boss's firm.

Former Lafleur Communication vice-president Stephane Guertin told the inquiry he doesn't remember closing a deal related to a television series on hockey great Maurice Richard — a deal that netted a $112,500 commission for the advertising company.

A report by the federal auditor-general last year found Lafleur Communication took the commission for simply delivering a $750,000 cheque to Via Rail in early 2000 related to the rail carrier's sponsorship of the series.

Mr. Guertin was confronted with his signature on documents that finalized the deal. But he couldn't remember signing the paperwork and said he didn't remember working on the Richard project — prompting an indignant interjection from presiding judge John Gomery.
So if I understand this correctly our ruling elite can cover their rears by 'not remembering' what documents they signed? Interesting...

I wonder what would happen if I sent in my taxes claiming that my net income for 2004 was eight dollars? Hey, if I get audited couldn't I just claim that I don't remember signing the forms?

We are all equal before the law aren't we?

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