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Believe It!

A recent survey conducted by COMPAS Inc., for the National Post, shows that the majority of Canadian's have political positions closer to the Conservative party's views, than they do to the Liberals. Full story here

In seven of the 10 statements, the voters positioned their views closer to the perceived Conservative position than the perceived Liberal position, which included preserving the traditional definition of marriage, tougher criminal sentencing laws and freedom of choice in health care.

Some of you may think that the survey is complete crap, but from my personnel experiences, I think that this survey is dead on target. I have a couple of close friends that fall into this category, that have voted Liberal their whole lives but when it comes to the issues, they are conservative at heart. They vote Liberal only because of their preconceived notions, not on party policy or facts.

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Anonymous said...

I think it’s definitely about being “preconceived”.

When I knocked on doors in the last election , standing there talking about the issues, people would be nodding , agreeing . I’d then say- all right the candidate is just a couple of houses away shall I introduce him to you and can we have your vote.
The answer would vary but a typical one would be : Oh , I can’t vote Conservative , I’m a teacher.
The first time I heard that one I laughed out loud , nervously I guess, but I thought the guy was putting me on. He wasn’t. Nor were many other teachers or people that were simply raised to vote Liberal.

Change is always slow but I really can’t understand how Liberal supporters can tolerate this blatant corruption. The good news is that at a 6.3 rating on the poll scale, "cleaning up corruption" is the biggest driver. So there’s hope!