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The Woman Is Off Her Meds

doubleplusgood infotainment put up this post about Janeane Garofalo comparing the Nazi salute to the ink stained fingers of Iraqi voters.

I left a comment on the post but afterwords I just lost it. Hopefully doubleplusgood infotainment doesn't mind but I've pillaged a couple of his photos to make my point.

Janeane compares this:

And this:

To this:

Now I don't want to say that she is one twisted individual but if anyone finds her comparison even remotely humourous they should be shot, spit on, and then driven over by several slow moving vehicles. That seems reasonable given their stupidity.

And I suppose Garofalo is comparing this man:
One story that is famous now in Iraq is about one brave Iraqi (A'adel Nasir) who saw a suspicious looking guy walking around a polling center in (Al- Hurriyah) district and soon the brave man realized that the suspicious guy was trying to commit a suicide attack; he ran towards him, wrestled him and knocked him down causing the bomb carried by the terrorist to explode, sacrificing his own life and saving the lives of the people standing in line at the gate of the voting center. It turned out later that the terrorist carried a Sudanese ID.

Now, the school that hosted the voting center on the 30th carries the name of A'adel Nasir, as the Iraqi minister of education announced today.
To this one:

Janeane, you're worthless trash and you should be ashamed of yourself.

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