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Well Isn't This Just Great

It seems that the Liberals are getting closer to creating a national day-care program:
At least part of that surplus will be earmarked to create a trust fund in the coming budget aimed at kick-starting its $5-billion national daycare program, sources told The Globe and Mail. The Liberals made creating the program one of their prominent election promises.

The Liberals would not say exactly how much will be put aside or how the money would be distributed, only that it will likely come over a set number of years.

Ken Dryden, the federal Social Services Minister, is hoping to come to a national daycare agreement with his provincial counterparts when they meet next Friday in Vancouver.
Well isn't that just peachy. So now both my wife and I are going to have to work so that we can afford to pay the taxes that will keep this day-care program running? Jeesh guys thanks. You've got to love a government that taxes the life out of people and forces both parents in a family to work. Of course since both parents work, the government has to increase taxes to take care of the children. Is this not a sick cycle?

Since the Canadian government is slowly taking control over all aspects of raising children, can we someday expect that they will get involved in the process of actually doing the 'deed'? Imagine...

You're a young fellow (ladies change as necessary), fresh out of school and looking to meet a girl to settle down with. You meet a nice girl and would like to go out on a few dates and have a good time together. Unfortunately, you find that after getting your dream job you can't afford to take her out on a date. After paying into a government sucking the life out of you, you grow destitute and simply give up.

Months later, you're browsing a Government of Canada website and you find information on a program tailored just for you! You scream in delight and after filling out the paper work and mailing in the forms you wait. And you wait. And then you wait some more. After 7 months you receive a form letter saying that your application has been accepted and that you can show up for an appointment at your local health clinic.

You show up for your 2pm appointment and you wait. And you wait some more. After reading the collected works of William Shakespeare you are called into the doctors office. He asks you to explain why you feel you should qualify for the program to which you say that you are intelligent, caring, and mature. The doctor picks and pokes and after a three hour ordeal he tells you that you qualified for the program and will receive your permission papers in about 8-9 weeks.

The shock! Finally your dreams have come true and you wait patiently for the paperwork to arrive. When the papers arrive you can't believe your luck. Not only has the government agreed to provide funds to facilitate your dating but it has also pre-screened other individuals for you to spend the new funds on.

You rush to the dating office to collect some of the cash and arrange the first date. Can you imagine the nervous energy? You clean yourself up and rush to the restaurant anticipating this new stage in your life. It has all come to this...

As you open the door to the restaurant you pause and realize that two weeks before you read a disturbing article in The Globe and Mail. The article mentioned how the government was concerned that the number of 'gay families' only made up 2% of all families in Canada. This concerned various members of Parliament who then proceeded to introduce legislation to help reverse the 'gay family' deficit.

You stare into the room and see only one other confused guy sitting there... your heart sinks... and then you realize. You've been chosen to be one of the lucky few. You collect your emotions and dry your eyes. Nothing comes without a price and you walk into the restaurant accepting your fate.

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