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Wave of Kidnappings in Iraq

I thought that I came up with a good idea for a blog post today, but by the time I got home from work and checked around on the internet, I soon realized that my idea was far from original and has already been done by several blogs. What was my idea, a post reporting that G.I. Joe was captured, then beheaded in Iraq by terrorists.

Oh well, here are some related posts that you may find amusing,

Islamic Militants Threaten To Behead Vermont Teddy Bear

Elmo Captured by Insurgents

Jihadists Threaten to Behead Action Figure

How smart do you think the guys are that came up with this idea? Picture it, some poor terrorist gets up at a planning session and says that they should buy a doll that looks like the U.S. soldier and make a video pretending that's its a real soldier and demand that America release all their prisoners or the hostage will be beheaded. Then, who ever was in charge, thinks its a good idea and sets in motion a plan to carry it out. MORONS!!!

Anyway, I found all these links the easy way, by simply going over to John Hawkins' blog, Right Wing News and checking out the 'Daily News' section he kindly provides.

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