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Wanna Be Sick?

If for some reason you want to make yourself sick, because maybe you've eaten too much supper and figure throwing up is easier than exercise, then read this quote from Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin, talking about Jean Chretien's appearance at the sponsorship inquiry.
"What he did yesterday was a tremendous service not only to Canada but to the Liberal party."
Did that work, because reading that quote nearly made me sick. Anyway, I thought Stephen Harper's quote on Chretien's appearance was a lot closer to the truth, than Martin's brief ass kissing session.
"He stonewalled. He showed no remorse. He took no responsibility. He gave flippant answers and of course he had the support of everyone in the Liberal party while he did it, cheering him on."
I know Paul Martin likes to say that Canadian and Liberal party values are the same , but I hope that's not the case, otherwise we would all be scumbags, and I know for a fact that's not true. Oh well, does anybody else get the feeling that the Liberals have been in power too long?

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